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R.B. Meiser SGS Two Handed Lines


Meiser Fly Rod has now designed their own two handed line systems which are suitable for all two handed rods.

These are lines designed by Steve Godshall, and why we call them the Steve Godshall Specials …. the SGS lines. They include ….

  • SGS Scandi Shooting Heads.
  • SGS Floating Skagit Shooting Heads.
  • SGS Slow Sink Skagit Shooting Heads (Available Soon).
  • SGS Classic Speys (Available Soon).
  • SGS IT Scandi Systems.
  • SGS IT Floating Skagit Systems.
  • SGS Level Running Lines (Available in three diameters).
  • SGS Mend Master Tapered Running Lines (Available in two weights).
  • SGS Zink Tips ~ Zink impregnated polymer tip material (available in bulk or tip kits)

Scandi Shooting Heads

Scandi shooting heads inherently are extremely caster friendly lines due primarily to the fact that their short head length is very easily managed beyond the rod tip. They are not only very forgiving of caster error, but are extremely effective fishing lines as well.

It is recommended that SGS floating Scandi shooting heads be used for Meiser’s two handed rods. Floating Scandi shooting heads are ideal general purpose line systems that can be utilized for both two handed overhead and anchor point Spey deliveries. They are ideal for long distance deliveries and top water to shallow water-column depth penetration for all swing-fish applications.

They are perfectly tapered Scandi shooting heads that will deliver laser tight loops. Their long front tapers will allow extended flight; the belly will not dump before the tip allowing the entire head and leader to lay out sweetly and fully extended. All are designed to carry Poly/Versi Leaders of various sink rates from floating to extra fast sink.

They are available with welded loops at the rear end to allow easy head exchange of running lines. They are also available with a correctly sized integrated level or tapered SGS running lines.

Custom Built Scandi Heads

SGS scandi heads can also be custom built to balance perfectly to your rod … and it can be done with any configuration. 

Call Perry (Northland Fly Specialty) at (250) 956-2879 and he can determine how to custom build the head to perfectly match your fishing requirements.

Click and scroll down page for Detailed Information on SGS Two Handed Line Systems.