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For the Rod Builder


For many anglers, fly fishing is an art. For some, the art of fly fishing is not complete unless they catch fish on flies that they have tied themselves. The ultimate high though, is catching a chrome steelhead on a rod that you hand crafted yourself.

Northland Fly Specialty is pleased to offer the rod builder, novice or professional, rod blanks and builder kits from R.B. Meiser Fly Rods. They now offer all of their new designs as blanks, Builder Kits and Ready to Wraps (RTW).

Meiser Builder Kits include:

  • Their proprietary blank designs, the same that they use for their own custom rods.
  • Their own proprietary reel seats in Titanium Gunsmoke
  • Their Flor grade cork rings and composite cork, the same they use on their own custom rods.
  • Their proprietary Carbide ring TiCr stripper guides.
  • Their proprietary marine grade TiCr snakes and tip top.
  • Winding check.

What Is Ready to Wrap?

The Ready to Wrap is the rod complete with the upper and lower grip assembled and custom milled to client callouts. All that needs to be done is to wrap, and epoxy the rod. The grips are hand glued ring on ring, using exactly the same Flor grade cork, reel seats, and grip profiles that they use on their Custom Built rods.

A butt wrap is completed in black thread to the winding check, and CP coated. This allows the builder to carry on with any butt and guide wraps that they may desire.

They can also continue the butt wrap into a color phase change, with a matching feather inlay and personal signature, then finish epoxy.

Ready to Wrap (RTW) will include:

  • Their proprietary reel seats in Titanium Gunsmoke.
  • Other reel seat options are available.
  • Fully assembled upper and lower grips milled in profiles typical of what they do for their
    custom rods.
  • Their proprietary milled Carbide ring TiCr stripping guides.
  • Their proprietary marine grade TiCr Snakes and tip top.
  • Other guide system options are available.
  • The rod is spine aligned with guide placement recommendations.
  • All that needs to be done is to wrap and epoxy the rod.
  • Their Standard Build aluminum case and sock is optional.
  • The butt section can be personalized with a signature and feather Inlay, and matching
    thread wraps.

Click for Detailed Information and Pricing on Rod Building Kits & Supplies.