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R.B. Meiser Fly Rods


Northland Fly Specialty is proud to be able to represent Bob Meiser and his line of fly rods, reels and lines. In all of Meiser’s product lines, the angler will find exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

R.B. Meiser Fly Rods is located in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon.  They have been building and designing two handed fly rods since 1986. They are a very small shop, which is made up of four crafts-people. They build only two handed fly rods, and build them all one at a time.

Although their rod building production is very small, they have been profoundly involved and have had a significant influence within the worlds' two handed fly rod community.  

Both the Switch Rod and Grain Window concepts were originated in their shop. Both have now become generic terms within the two handed community.  

They also do start-to-finish design consultation for several well recognized rod blank manufacturers from North America, Europe, and Asia. Over the years, they have developed over 100 highly successful two handed fly rod tapers enjoyed by anglers from around the world.  

Correctly matching two handed fly rod and line marriages designed to accurately meet the angler’s specific fishing application can be a rather detailed process. They recognize that the very best way to give their clientele premium service is to do so by exchanging accurate and detailed information one-on-one.

At Northland Fly, we can help you find the rod and line that best meets your individual needs. To do that we assess a broad range of criteria ….

      - The waters that the angler will fish.
      - The seasons that they will fish them.
      - Targeted game species.
      - Preferred rod length and action.
      - Line systems they wish to use.
      - The flies that will be presented

Armed with accurate answers to these questions, we can make recommendations and suggest the correct tools that will get the job done most efficiently and effectively.

For more information on RB Meiser Fly Rods, go to www.meiserflyrods.com.