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Casting Instruction


Spey casting has been around since Isaac Walton, but it has now hit North America by storm. In recent years, many anglers are quickly realizing the advantages of the “Two Handed Rod” .... not just the long “Spey Rods” for big water, but also the shorter, lighter “Switch Rods” for beaches and smaller rivers and streams.

Spey Casting

Longer casts, less effort and more fly in the water time. This is especially important when angling for British Columbia’s salmon and steelhead.

Any one that has spent a few days throwing big flies across a wide river will be quick to admit that they slept like a log that night. Put this into a double hand perspective and you can do twice the job with half the effort and look forward to daylight in the morning to start all over again, searching for large chrome fish!

As you become familiar and more confident with spey casting, you will find yourself making the same style of casts with a single handed rod, in conditions you never thought possible before. Don’t forget, catching fish is all about how much time your fly is in the water!

Switch Rod Techniques

Switch rods are becoming increasingly popular with anglers, especially on beaches and smaller rivers. These rods bridge the gap between spey rods and single-hand rods; they may be fished with one or two hands. Switch rods are normally 10 ½ feet in weights down to 3/4 for trout; or 11 foot, 5/6 weights for beaches and small rivers.

Switch rods give the angler several advantages over traditional-single handers. They allow you to easily cast and mend tremendous amounts of line. Once you learn a few spey casts, you will find that you have a whole new repertoire of casts that you can use in difficult conditions .... wind or obstructions behind you. They also allow you to cover a lot more water.

On the Water

Northland Fly provides on the water private lessons from beginners to advanced fly fishrs. Learn how to read the water and present various casts including the snake roll, snap-t, and a few tricks for heavy sink tips. We will also explore the different styles of casting and the use of shooting heads and skagit lines.

Private Lessons: $55.00 per hour + HST.

Corporate and Group Rates:
By request, please contact us for rates and schedules.

Northland provides rods and reel kits for casting courses. We exclusively use R.B. Meiser Fly Rod tackle.

Learn to cast or improve on your casting skills. All anglers at any level will enjoy learning different techniques as we offer single and double hand casting instructions. The method of teaching for the beginner is such that you can practice the new skills at home or on the river bank. Veteran anglers can update their skills with new methods that will give them access to more water.